Microsoft Xmas Promotion Email Scam

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Microsoft Xmas Promotion Email Scam

 Today's "Is it real or is it a scam" is a special Christmas edition, with this simple, and to the point scam:


From: Siems, Kathleen M <>

Subject: Microsoft Xmas Promotion

2012 winner of 500,000.00 GBP from the Microsoft Xmas Promotion,contact us on email<> for your claim.



Email scams do not get much simpler than this!

I honestly cannot fathom how anyone would fall for this scam, but let's take a look at some of the clues that it's not real:

  • You probably did not enter a Microsoft Christmas promotion
  • Microsoft will probably not send it's winner-notificaitons from a email address
  • Microsoft would probably not ask you to reply to a email address to claim your prize
  • Microsoft would surely never send such a plain and simple text-only message, nor would most companies


If you received this email, or one similar, delete it.  No harm comes from siimply opening it or reading it.




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