Microwaves, bedding, and shower curtains

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Re: Microwaves, bedding, and shower curtains

 Totally, I have the raid gel ready to put in the kitchen cabinets and around the bathroom!



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Re: Microwaves, bedding, and shower curtains

Scented candles, Febreze...I'm thinking....

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Re: Microwaves, bedding, and shower curtains

I have recently found Space Bags to be the most helpful in storing stuff in a small space. I moved out of a big house into a small apartment. Love those bags, i have tons of stuff under my bed that use to lay around because i had nowhere to put it. They make some cool ones now that are shaped like boxes with flat bottoms. I saw them on QVC!!


Re: Microwaves, bedding, and shower curtains

Towels... you can never have too many... and nothing is worse than finishing a shower only to have no towel :(


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Re: Microwaves, bedding, and shower curtains

As someone who just moved into an apartment, I'd say...


General Stuff:

-  Paper towels (I kinda like shop towels (usually in the auto or hardware dept) because they are thicker for cleaning purposes...)
-  Paper plates (Microwaveable)
-  Plastic or Styrofoam cups
-  Plastic utensils and kitchen storage containers
-  Can opener
-  Assorted Snacks
-  Telephone (either LAN line or Cell) - Schedule service before moving
-  A phone book for the town/are you are moving to
-  Local map (AAA gives out free ones...)
-  Important contact names and numbers (They have boards that are magnetic and can be placed on the fridge for ease of use...)
-  Toilet paper (Splurge for the max pack/and store them in a closet.  That way you don't have to worry about going to the store right away...)
-  Shower curtain
-  Medications (keep these in a box that is easy to find or a different color from all your other moving boxes)
-  First aid kit (same as above...I had a bad fall during my move, and I could not easily find a bandage!)
-  Flashlight
-  Extension cords...Many extension cords.  I find that many apartments lack adequate amounts of plugs. 


-  Shelf paper/Contact Paper and/or Caulk for cracks under the sink or in drawers/cabinets...
-  Broom or Swiffer
-  Glass cleaner
-  All purpose cleaner
-  Scrub brush
-  Trash bags (you may need lots of heavy duty bags for disposing of things after unpacking, like boxes, unwanted items, packing materials, etc...) 

ummmm...let me think...oh yeah! Rugs for rooms including the bathroom!                         



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Re: Microwaves, bedding, and shower curtains

Here's a real helpful I link when I moved.  I know it's says "first apartment," but it's got some checklists on there that are really detailed.  


Hope it helps!!



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