Mobile Gaming Is Getting Another Boost From Telefonica

Telefonica is moving into the mobile gaming arena in a big way. They are partnering with Electronic Arts to bring mobile games to more people. Yes, some of them are going to be free. Carriers like Telefonica are raking in the dough and need to do something with all that money. If you read here before, Telefonica is also making a mobile operating system that works completely without downloading any apps or the "system". It is assumed that these games will be part of that plan as well.
The team at Electronic Arts ( EA ) are responsible for games like FIFA, Monopoly, and The Sims. Telefonica is going to use the addictive nature of mobile games from EA to offer their wares. It will be anyone, not just Telefonica customers, that will be able to have access to the games. But the Telefonica customers are going to be offered them for free. This will be under the "O2" company in Europe first. They will be getting three free months of free EA mobile games. Lucky them. The Chairman and CEO of Telefonica, Matthew Key, says this will allow his company to have a "deeper connection" with customers.

EA is already in 75 countries and their gaming operations is one of the largest in the world. They have over 100 million registered players. Telefonica, on the other hand, has 300 million subscribers. It should be a match made in heaven. Latin America is also covered by the telecoms giant, and their headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. The company has made enough economic gains to create another type of headquarters in London. Their "Digital Division" will be on the prestigious Regent Street. From there they expect to send out their projects around the world.

King dot com recently became the "king of the hill" in gaming at Facebook, beating out EA for the top spot. They need this deal with Telefonica to branch out to more gamers. That is not to say that they are hurting, financially. EA recently bought out Jamdat Mobile for a cool $680 million dollars. Mobile gaming is a white hot market. If you remember the "Draw Something" mobile game, it sold for $210 million dollars to Zynga. It looks like the right time to be alive for all those who are addicted to playing games on their smartphones. Telefonica is going to make sure they are involved. Look for other carriers with money to follow suit.



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