A New And Mobile Way To Interact With The Superbowl This Year

If you were one of those people who tuned out or went to go get popcorn during Superbowl ads last year, you may like this development. Shazam, a company that bills itself as the "world's leading mobile discovery company", is putting a new twist on the Superbowl and the ads.

The new way to be hip and cool is to get an Android or Apple smartphone and download some useful apps to it. Today it is announced that you will be able to interact with the upcoming Superbowl ads using your smartphone. Interactive television has been talked about for some time now, but this is the "real deal". Shazam is the company and they are already covering 200 countries, so this should be a breeze for them.

What is Shazam going to bring to Superbowl ads? For one, those who use the Shazam mobile app will have the chance to win a Toyota Camry. They will need to be viewing the Toyota ad when it comes up during the Superbowl. If you watch the Pepsi ad, you will be able to view an extra video with your mobile. The Teleflora ad, if viewed, will also have special offers for those who are connected with the Shazam mobile app. It will be possible to vote on ads, participate in gaming polls, share on Twitter and Facebook, and more, thanks to the Shazam company and their mobile app.

There is more. The Superbowl halftime show will also be enabled with Shazam. During gameplay, viewers using the mobile app will be able to participate in polls, see player statistics, and ( of course ) buy hats and jerseys from the Shazam mobile store. All of this happens from the comfort of your smartphone. The ads on half of this year's Superbowl are going to look a bit "different" thanks to this mobile company.

The "second screen" of the Superbowl, the smartphone screen, is being called a "revolutionizing" effect. But Shazam is just one company offering a mobile app. There are others, like the official NFL app. This one is for Android smartphones and will help those who are visiting Indianapolis. IPhone apps are available as well. Shazam works across most popular devices including Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry smartphones. 

The biggest player helping Shazam is Yahoo. They have already been working with Shazam to offer an Android music app. The Shazam Entertainment company is not yet in the "billion dollar club" but they have managed to rake in a cool $32 million in funding last year. The Superbowl is set to play this Sunday. Have your smartphones and Shazam apps ready!



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