Monthly Update

Just a monthly update to let you know what's been going on here at!

Yes, we're still online!

A few weeks ago we had some problems with our NEW web-server and were offline for the better part of 3 or 4 days. Hubby seems to have everything worked-out and we haven't had any problems since. It seems like every time we send a newsletter it says something about server problems!

New Forum areas!

We have several new forum areas and forum "owners" - these are a few of them:

  • Tax Help for Beginners - That time of year is soon approaching, come post your tax questions!
  • Gamers! - This area is pretty new so come post your questions, problems or reviews on PC/Console games
  • Food and Cooking - This area is new but already it's pretty popular
  • Cellphone hacks & Help - Another brand-new area. Come post your questions about Cellphones or help others that want to modify their mobile phone
  • LINUX for beginners - Yep, LINUX
  • P2P and Filesharing - A forum for Peer to Peer and file-sharing programs
  • Myspace Trackers - An entire area dedicated to Myspace trackers, using them, which ones are good, blocking them, and anything else related to tracking Myspace page-views
  • Myspace News - Read about Myspace in the news, or see something about it on TV? Come here and let everybody know
  • Private Forums - Always something interesting happening in the Private/Trusted members area. But you have to have Trusted Member status to join the fun!


We are on version 5 of the Chatroom! This newest chat supports video (if you have a webcam) audio (if you have a mic/speakers), plain-old text chat, and private chatting. Come check it out: New GuGChat . This newest version of chat is Java-based and it could take a minute to download the first time you use it.

Badges & Bling!

If you've been to the site in the last few weeks you've probably noticed those little icons or "badges" below many member's names. Come read what the fuss is all about here: We got BLING!.

New or updated featured pages

  • Thinking about creating your own real website? Come learn the basics and even sign-up for a super-low priced web-hosting service: Learn to make your OWN website
  • Got some time on your hands? Want to get some FREE stuff? Come have a look at our updated Get FREE stuff page.
  • Want to help spread the word about The GuG? (for you newer members "GuG" = "Grown Up Geek") - Come see Hubby's suggestions on how you can help spread the word: Spread the Word about The GuG

That's it for now GuGee's - Have a good New Year, and see you at the site!