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Movie Title Help

Okay, so I have a thing for old childhood movies... and last night I was trying to think of the titles of some I can barely remember, although I remember loving them as a kid... so I thought maybe some of you might remember (my memory from when I was under 10 years old tends to come and go... maybe some of you were older with better chances of remembering these)

I *did* wake up in the middle of sleeping and remember Little Monsters was one of the movies I was trying to remember (told you it comes and goes!)

The other two... I still can't remember... I can see frames of scenes in my head... and one I can sorta remember some plot to it...

They were both mice movies...

One was about this little boy... he was with his gramma in a hotel or something maybe... and there were witches that were turning the little boys (or children?) into mice... if I remember the little boy wore glasses and had blonde hair... I can't remember the true plot of the movie, but that's about all I got...

The other is harder to describe... because I can't really remember anything about it... only there was a kid (a boy I think) and he made friends with this little mouse that lived in a hole in his room I believe... I can't remember if this mouse talked or anything... but I do have a visual of the boy making a helmet for the mouse out of a ping pong ball... and I think the mouse drove a little toy car or something... and of course the family had a cat... the only real 'scene' I can remember was towards the end where a maid was cleaning the room and she was vacuuming and left the hose under the bed while she went to clean a mirror and the mouse almost (possibly did, but doubt it) get sucked into the vacuum... I think he was in his little car trying to 'drive' away from the suction...


So anyone here remember the names of either or both of those two mice movies??  These movies are probably at least 15 years old... if not more...



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 The first is The Witches


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Re: Movie Title Help

that/this movie freaked me out when i was little. i remember the ballroom scene where they all took off their "human" forms or something. ew.

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Could the 2nd one be Stuart Little? it's only 10 years old though..

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No... AE IM'ed me... she got it...

it was The Mouse and the Motorcycle.... guess it wasn't a car...

and it was made in '86.... stop-n-go maybe... no help from pixar :)

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 AE's right on "The Witches" with Angelica Houston.

"The Mouse & the Motorcycle" was an after school special movie, wasn't it?  I"m not sure who made it, but I do remember seeing it ... seeing both of them actually, and I really enjoyed both.  ;)


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Re: Movie Title Help

Thanks guys... doin the *happy movie dance* now!

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