Multiple Android Manufacturers Being Sued

Cell phone lawsuits have become quite standard in the past few years because every phone manufacturer seems to think everyone else is out to copy them. Currently HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and more Android phone manufacturers are being sued for their designs by a variety of companies. Fortunately Google announced this week that, despite purchasing Motorola, they will still be supporting other manufacturers in their lawsuits.

This is big news because it essentially means Google will be helping support their competitors. For all future lawsuits Google plans to step in at any time they can to provide extra resources, extra patents, and just more money for lawyers so in theory this should help with the development of new Android devices.

The one thing everyone is still questioning is the availability of patents from Google for Android manufacturers. Google says that they will provide patents to any of the companies needing them in order to prevent or overturn a lawsuit, but does this mean all Android manufacturers will now have unlimited access to Google/Motorola patents? If so, we could see some serious improvements in phones in the next few years.




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