Good Shitaki Burger

Submitted December 10, 2006 - 1:17pm.


1. Purchase large shitaki Shrooms..Homemade mushroom burger

2. Go home and Wash them..

3. Light up the ole grill..

A. Place the shrooms in a large bowl, marinate in a red wine (merlot of course) add to the marinade, Oregano, chives, garlic, salt, just a touch of basil, allow to marinate for 45min to 1 hour....

B. Go to the grill and add some apple wood (from an apple tree) chips to the fire, get a good smoke started..

C. Put yourself out, use a fire extinguisher not the water hose!!

D. Place the mushrooms on the grills and cook on both sides untill done...your preference... once done place some swiss cheese on the caps and leave on grill until melted...

E. Toast bread ( your preference) lightly coat bread with some Mayo and Spicy brown Mustard....Garnish with Lettuce(romaine is my fav.) and tomato..add some pickles, and Viola` your meal is now ready!!!


If you guys want some real food, I have all my favs, tweeked to my standards, and would be willing to share....just give me a shout and we can cook up a storm!! lol Can you tell I like to Cook??





hey guys, this one is good!! i can vouch for it, minus the wine, of course. both of my daughters are vegans, so we've had a good share of shitake burgers.  excellent stuff...julie

Mmmmm, sounds yummy!  I like to use the big portabella caps also. 

hahahaha lmao @ instruction letter c

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