Music festival must haves and stories

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Music festival must haves and stories

On August 23rd am going to the Reading Festival here in the UK.

This is going to be the 2nd time that I have been to this festival and was wondering have any of you guys been to any music festivals?

What are your festival essentials that you think need to be packed?

Do you have any stories about when you've been?

What bands have you seen at festivals?

I have lots and lots of stories about the festivals that I have been too, will post some as we go along.
I have seen lots and lots of bands too, one of the best has to be GreenDay (Reading 2004), and the aboslute best one has got to be The Rolling Stones last year at the Isle of Wight festival. They were totally amazing and I was singing and dancing all the way through. I have been brought up with the Rolling Stones being played all the time by my dad and the whole way through the set I had my parents on my mobile which I was holding up in the air. Well worth the achey arm that I got :)


Re: Music festival must haves and stories

I have seen The Rolling Stones 3 times and they were the absolute best concert I have ever seen by far.  Mick is just as good as he always was!!!

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Re: Music festival must haves and stories

I haven't been to a music fest in a while. For one because the best one was stopped by the organizer. That was Krazy fest.  The 2003 and final year I ended up just hanging out outside of Krazy Fest watching the guys from Hatebreed throw people into the Ohio River. Gross. One of my friends was there concierge for the weekend.

The other big fest I went to was a long time ago. I don't even remember the name of it. It was a weekend long punk fest. Every punk band I cared about was there. Los Crudos, Aus Rotten, State Of Fear, oh geez I can't remember who else. Man I'm getting old. But it was a bit too much. No working bathrooms, the cops came, too many people. I only saw one fight and it was between people I knew. 

My problem with the fest concept is just too many bands. A lot of the bands I won't even care about. I hate going to shows with more than three bands playing. Usually I only want to see one of those bands. 

Besides a pocketful of cash all you need to take to a festival is sunblock. A good fest will sell anything you need or allow leaving priveleges so you can come and go as you please for food and drink. 

I don't want to die without any scars. 

Re: Music festival must haves and stories

concerts! about 20-years ago, they were my thing. now i prefer small venues and mellow music. last artist/group we seen perform live was bryan adams. before him, alanis morrissette. at the same small cozy venue where you can reach out and touch them. 

now, i must say FlimFlamTots, we do watch quite a bit european festivals on HD TV. i can say that the folks across the pond to know how to have one hell of a great time! so take pics and come back here to show us!  

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Re: Music festival must haves and stories

I sure will :)

On my old myspace page there are pictures of last years Isle of Wight Festival (/blue_monkey_rocks)

This year I know just about every abnd that is going to be there. Alot of the ones I want to see are going to be clashing with each other :(

The one thing that I always make sure I take is toilet paper and wet wipes.... hang on that two...
Ok wet wipes :)

If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other :)

Re: Music festival must haves and stories

I've never been to a music festival - too many bands I won't like and  too much work.  However I will go see a favorite band and if it means traveling, my most important items are cash, credit cards and my laptop because I'm staying at a comfy hotel when it's over.

Last one I saw was last year when I was given 4 VIP passes to see Rush in Indianapolis' Verizon Music Center new outdoor amplitheater.  Rush is a big favorite of mine and it was a real nice surprise.  My wife was hung over from a wedding so I took a friend.  We got special parking, a back way into the venue, and seats 2 rows from the front of the stage.  This place was huge - holds 25,000.

I had 2 extra VIP passes that I didn't want to see wasted, so before the show started, I was going to attempt to "scalp" them to people in the ticket line.  We were already in so I had to yell out from inside the bars.  I wasn't really trying to scalp them - even if you could have gotten them, these tickets would have sold easily for 400.00 or more each, I just wanted 50 each to pay for my gas.  haha!

So here I am yelling through these bars like an idiot at these clueless people in line to buy LAWN SEATS waaayyy in the back.  I knew that whoever I got to trust me would sh*t when they finally saw where their seats were.  I finally got a guy to come up and look at my VIP passes and my VIP wrist band.  He was skeptical and said, "Wait just a minute OK?"  He went over and got his friend and they handed me $100.

We got our beers and sat down and waited for our "seatmates" to make their way to the front.  I was dying to see the look on these guys' faces when they saw their seats.  About 5 minutes later the two guys are there and they are freaking out about close we are.  One guy was older like me and also like me, was a Rush fan from way back.  He said he has been to 15 Rush concerts and this was by far the best seat he has ever had.

They were so happy with the deal, that they bought our beer for us all night and even hugged us after the 4 hour show was over.  Good thing the hotel was close by because I was wasted. 


Re: Music festival must haves and stories

The First Ozzfest show I went to was in '97. It was my first festival type show and was really psyched to be there, it was held at Giants stadium in Jersey which we got to from NYC(where I Live)by bus.Me and two friends get there way early andwait about 4-5 hours till they let us all in. Great start The first band on the main stage was fear factory and kicked ass, I forget the second stage bands that year though. Next up was Type-O-Negative who I kinda liked but they got a good amount of shit too, and only played 4 songs. The next band was Pantera and thats when it got scary.

I was seated facing the stage, lower level, so I had a great seat. It was a bit far back because of the huge amount of space for general admission, but I could see everything. So when Pantera starts some people start getting out of control, they start jumping down from the seats and trying to run into the general admissions area. They had a small chain link fence about 20-25 feet from the seats, so the jumpers would have land, make a mad dash and jump the small fence to be in there. As you can imagine, the first several didnt make it and were quickly whisked away by security....but before long the numbers just kept growing and eventaully the cops shot a few people with rubber bullets. That didnt last long either though, because there were just so many people jumping down, it seemed from my seat that 9/10 people from the seats somehow fit onto the giants stadium floor. In the stands where I was, a few fights broke out and a fairly large piece of Ice( It was 90 degrees in july) flew past my head and into someone else's back. Thats when I made the decision to save my life and jump down , which luckily was long after the cops gave up and the concession stands around the floor were thoroughly raided by the fans. 

So thats it, my first big concert experience had me scared for my life, but I did get a free hot dog and soda out of it Smile

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Re: Music festival must haves and stories

the big shows dont make it here to HI, much.  a smaller show called The Big Mele used to pass thru in the late 90's.  every year they'd change the theme but it usually consisted of 5 or so major bands.  some friends of mine are in a band named Pepper, and they played on the Warped Tour a few times.

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