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[Grownupgeek.com] Must be "liked" on Facebook

I wanted to answer someone's technical question, so I typed in an accurate, concise answer, whereupon the system said I must complete a membership application in order to answer a question, only AFTER I'd put the effort into already creating it. Fine, I'll apply to become a member so I can help these people with their problem.

I filled out the forms to create the account and it said that I must "LIKE" you on Facebook (presuming that I am a member on Facebook) before I can get the confirmation e-mail, so I can confirm the account, so I can post my message, so I can help these people.

The ICON to "LIKE" you is missing, probably due to one of my many advertisement blockers or element hiders, I thought. So I disabled my blockers and hiders and reloaded the page, but the "LIKE" button still won't appear. So perhaps the problem is on your end. Maybe there is no "LIKE" button.

So now...what? Will I never be confirmed? Will these people go on forever with no answer to their problem as this answer sits in limbo waiting for a confirmation that may never come? [sigh]

This is a very convoluted process you have here. Maybe you're inundated with SPAMmers and feel the need to protect yourselves, but for a guy like me that just wants to help out someone with a solution to a problem they are experiencing, it is very discouraging. It's a very large mountain you're making me climb for very little reward.



Re: Must be "liked" on Facebook

Hi SFWriter. Welcome and thank you for joining!
I am a bit confused with your statements/questions:

1) GrownUpGeek.com does not require you to sign up for an account to answer questions - you can answer anonymously, or, likewise you can create an account to post/ask/answer questions - who/what/where was requiring you to sign up?? We have no system/page that tells you, asks you, or even suggests that you create an account ????

2) You are not required to "like" us on Facebook - it is merely a suggestion (ok, so we're begging, but who's counting?!) NOT clicking the Facebook 'Like' button has no bearing on your membership, account confirmation, or email that we send to you.

3) The like button on the page you are referring to page shows up on every system we can test it on - it's probably missing due to your blocking/hiding java-script, etc.

As to your account/membership confirmation - as mentioned on the page that suggests you "like" us, we can manually confirm your account simply by sending an email to "[email protected]" - but, since you took the time to make this post here, we have already manually validated your account - again though, this will have zero bearing on your ability to post/ask/answer other people's questions.

This just in: We looked a bit deeper into your account info, and have found that the reason you have not received our account-confirmation email that we sent is becuse your email service provider has unilaterally decided to not accept email from the GrownUpGeek.com server. This despite the fact that not one single sliver of spam or any other UCE has ever been sent from that server, or this IP address.. I would strongly complain to your email provider for blocking a perfectly good email!

..welcome :-)

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Writer_ I am very surprised that u even cared enough to post your long complaint- most people would have probably just said screw it and just left the question to be answered.by someone else. Which email provider is marking grownupgeek as a spam site, hotmail?
Apparently cjb.net doesn't "like" grownupgeek.com, despite a record on no UCE or SPAM... "Curiouser and curiouser", said Alice...
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Need Help
Can anybody tell me ((how)) to view answers on this very frustrating website? I see plenty of questions, but no answers! I've clicked on everything, I've joined Facebook, I've Googled - "How to view answers on Grown Up Geek" and nothing! Someone please help me out! Thank you!
Re: finding answers

this website is very similar (if not the same) as most other forum-websites on the interwebs.
The upper portion is the post/thread/question
Other people come and post answers/arugments as comments, below that (as you have done)
You read thru the other people's 'comments' which is where the answers will be (if there is an answer).
THIS comment that you are reading now, would be considered an answer.

If you you are still having trouble, just comment/reply to this .

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