My cat's eyes?

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just had to comment, soooo glad to hear someone else calls 'em 'eye boogies'. i use that term for my cats and my friends all look at me like i'm a nutjob. well, i am a nutjob buuuttt....hope your cat is ok. probably is kitty cat allergies...

Re: My cat's eyes?

I would agree that she may be allergic to the dust and having a reaction like you are.

Re: My cat's eyes?

OOOH look at all the cat lovers!!! we should have a forum just to talk about our pets, cats, dogs, african cichlids,...whateverLaughing!!



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Re: My cat's eyes?

My white cat has that same problem. We just try to stay on top if it by cleaning the area with cotton balls or cloths and warm water. She gets this nasty brown gunk all the time and she is still rather happy. She just hates it when we have to clean up her eyes.



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Re: My cat's eyes?

Eye boogies..perfect name for them because it's not actually "tearing" it's gooky ickycrap..I'm so glad I typed it in and came up here! My long haired domestic is 11 year's old, he's had it since i got him (2 years) and it has gotten a tad worse as he's gotten older (just alil more yukky)I was concerned and came online..he's been to the Vet over the years, and has been fine (although he is due) but i'm guessing it's nothing, he doesn't like me to touch him there but not out of pain (he's the kind of cat that's doesn't like to be touched unless he says so)So i just clean it everyday with my wash my hands of course...if it comes out of nowhere I'd def bring him to the Vet..

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Re: My cat's eyes?

It doesn't seem that your kitty is having a big problem but it won't hurt to have a professional look at her. A little bit of "ick" in the eyes is normal but not like you described it. Something is irritating her eyes making this happen. Besides, if it's been years and years since she's been checked out she needs some shots anyway. Even being an indoor kitty. It shouldn't cost much.

Re: My cat's eyes?

not to seem ungrateful for any input at any time but i wanted to point out that this topic is 2 yrs old.


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