My computer is hacked into

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My computer is hacked into
I noticed my computer had 3 suspicious names in the home-group and went looking into my computer files to find someone has been changing permissions and slowly taking over my computer. Now it has been about 1 week since I discovered this and I cannot even use my printer because I have to ask the administrator!!? They have changed almost all permissions and made it impossible to restore or anything. My computer came with a disk that says Operating System(Already installed on your computer)Re-installation DVD Windows Home 7 Premium 64-Bit and then it also says "Use this DVD only to reinstall the operating system on a Dell PC" and that it is NOT for re-installation of programs and drivers.I have no clue as how to do this ....I need to do something before it gets so bad that I will not even be able to reformat it. Please help.


Re: My computer is hacked into

The reinstallation disk is usually (depending on the manufacture) to wipe the computer clean and reinstall everything that was on the computer the day you bought it - basically returning it to the state it was in when you first brought it home. All data (files you have created, pictures, etc) will be deleted as will any software you have installed. After running the Re-install disk you would have to install any hardware drivers not automatically detected, re-apply all Windows fixes/patches/updates released since you first bought the computer, re-install any software you have purchased/installed, and then restore all of your files/pictures/music/etc from your backups.

If you have no clue how to do this and/or if you have critical data on the computer (baby photos, work documents, priceless porn, etc), then you may want to consider paying the $100 or so that a professional would charge to do it all for you.. You wouldnt try to fix the transmission in your car without any clue how to do it or all the right tools, right? If on the other hand you don't have any plans for the weekend, arent worried about losing any data, and you are the tinkerer/learning type, pop in that dvd and hit the GO buton!

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Re: My computer is hacked into

Its always better to have a security installed in your computer, I prefer Microsoft Certified Software's, I think Windows Defender alone is enough to save your device and data.

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