My ex-boyfriend is stalking me - help!

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My ex-boyfriend is stalking me - help!

Hi there I wonder if anyone can help me, my ex-boyfriend can see my facebook profile, even stuff that's private like my friends list which I have set to custom-only me. He told me before that he has a program that allows him to see hidden things and the program also tells him if someone unfriends him or blocks him. I don't think he has my password as he doesn't seem to know what's in my private messages, only stuff like friends and things on my wall. I'm not friends with him and even if I block him he can still see. Does anyone know how I can protect my account from this?

Would be grateful for any help you guys could give me. Oh I forgot to say also that his job is in IT so I think he can do some quite fancy complicated stuff that I have no idea about!

Thanks, Emma x


Re: My ex-boyfriend is stalking me

Change your Facebook password
Change all of your Facebook account/password recovery options, phones and questions
Change your email password, and email account recovery options and questions
Run a good, current, antivirus, antispyware and antimalware on your computer
If you access the internet via a wireless network, make sure that network has a password - if it does, change the password

I think after all those things you'll be pretty safe. But if he continues, you could always just ignore him or file a police report..

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