my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

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Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

That is not true in CO or TN; The police said even if you are married your phone and emails are not community they are personal and it is only ok if you give permission to someone to view or access. Go to FBI site; if is a federal crime. You can file the report through there; it may take time; but one day they will be held accountable. My ex got our grown children to break into my stuff. Very sad. Put extra security; use an email they wouldn't expect. Good luck

Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

 Im wonder how those people people managed to do it.

Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

I can relate!!
My EX does the same thing -
Obsessed with spying on me, following me, checking my emails etc.
I blocked him, from my cell, he resorted to using Skype phone # & Google phone
- the harassment continues, and he wonders why I left him- apparently he is in love with me, I think he is more a bi-polar case.

he confessed to me and a friend of breaking into my emails and checking my text messages
I feel a PI was hired; he has money to waste; claims he can get any woman but obsessed with spying with me.

how can I get this leech off me?????????

Anonymous Visitor
Re: ex female friend keeps hacking into my e-mail
Not only hacking my email but changing all my passwords. What do I have to do to block her completely from my iPhone and iPad, do I change my phone number? I already changed my Password 4 times now I cant even do that.? Please help!
Grape jelly
Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

Report to the IC3 (internet police). You can file a complaint. If you're claim is substantiated, charges will be filed. I had to do this. I had an who almost destroyed my life :-( Forwarding emails from my current boyfriend and to my parents that revealed intimate conversation not meant to be passed on. Screen shots of FaceBook msgs that were passed to my supervisor. It's very intrusive and demoralizing. Fortunately, he also made the mistake of getting into my work email that brought another set of charges due to patient sensative information. This is not taken lightly. If you find the right governing body- likely FBI or IC3- they do take these violations of privacy quite seriously.

Ruby Tuesday Dude
Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

This is to GrapeJelly.

I've read this and am reaching out to you because you have taken steps to remedy the situation.

I am ready to do this, but my former spouse is very legally savvy, and not only and IT person, but writes and designs code. For government contractors. However, after over 3 years of repeated intrusion to my accounts (email, etc) I am ready to take some steps. (To the poster who wrote something like, 'Why don't you DO SOMETHING? Why do women let men walk all over them' etc. I can only say---your comment shows a lack of experience and compassion. If you were an expert in one field---say, nursing---and your former was an expert in another field---say, Vengeance for perceived slights, inflicting harm, perpetual control---you might not be so glib. I would also advise that this could go under emotional/psychological control. Many hackers are aware of how flawed and inundated the system is to effectively deal with 'soft' crimes such as the potential felony of which we speak.

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Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

You sound like my ex who has jacked 35 emails of mine!! You sound like my Jessica but she has made iseems likes she is the victim when I'm the victim when I pleaded do ii get her ass in trouble

Charlotte thompson
Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

Is there any legal way or can I extract money from him..he hates to lose a nickel?

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Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

Anonymous Visitor wrote:
Is there any legal way or can I extract money from him?

Ask your attorney.

Re: my ex keeps hacking into my e-mail

If you create onother account without him knowing,then you are better off.You can look for a password generator and get a strong one.Ensure he isnt getting access to your computer,some browsers store passwords which may be retrieved after you log out.Also the keylogger thing,ensure he hasnt installed any.


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