My Facebook is hacked !

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My Facebook is hacked !

someone hacked my facebbook, is using MY facebook to hack into others as well. not only has this person hacked my facebook but g mail and every other website i was apart of... Facebook wont reply to eamils, I have tried it alllll to get my account back, and this guy is ruining my life. I just need my old facebook page to be taken down and no one on the "facebook team" will do anything about it. Sooo I am trying to hack in to my old one and delete it myself. why can it be so easy for someone to hack me and ruin my life and SOOOOOOOO hard to fix this or have anyone help or do anything about it. :'(



Re: My Facebook is hacked !

How is this person using your Facebook to hack into others?

At any rate, you can use the Facebook "forgot password" function and/or report it as being hacked and Facebook will help you recover it. Google has a similar option for Gmail. And unless you are already a 'hacker' there isn't really any easy way you are going to quickly become one and get control of these accounts on your own.

Assuming that you do one day recover your accounts you will need to protect yourself so the same thing does not happen again: use different passwords on all accounts and make sure they are "strong" passwords. Keep personal information that might be answers to your secret questions personal (ie, don't post that info on your Facebook). And if you use Windows, make sure you are always running a current antivirus and anitispyware (or just use a Mac or Linix) and never open attachments that you aren't expecting in advance and never download software that you aren't certain is safe.. And, there are about a million other things to know/remember.

Using a computer and social networking sites isn't always safe.. It's like dancing in the streets of the wild wild west!

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