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My Fave Artist of the Moment

Everyone should check out the site.


I personally love the destroy all guns poster that you can print out for free to post on the streets. I love his work and his message :)



Re: My Fave Artist of the Moment

I also really love Haley Smith's design portfolio and an adorable little indie shop with everything from clothes and accesories to journals and toys.


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Re: My Fave Artist of the Moment

 My fave will always and forever be M. C. Escher... but I've got a softspot for Julian Beever who does those pavement chalk drawings like ... I also like that guy who sculpts giant food.. Peter Anton is the name... giant boxes of chocolate... ice cream... yum.


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Re: My Fave Artist of the Moment

all time fav would and always be picaso.

also a huge fan of martin puryear. chuck close. giacometti. and miroslaw balka.


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Re: My Fave Artist of the Moment

This guy is pretty good. And he dresses like a pirate. (And yes, I believe he's been doing it a long time before the POTC movies...) He's really cool to meet in person. I have one print from him on my wall, I've been meaning to buy more...

This isn't the one I own. He dedicated it to his young daughter, using a concept from Don Quiote:


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