Now THIS is a geek tattoo !!

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Re: Now THIS is a tattoo !!

You've said it all..right on your arm. Thats not your first. I assume?

Re: Now THIS is a tattoo !!

Is he getting paid a stipend for advertising?

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Re: Now THIS is a tattoo !!

Nice tatt!

Re: Now THIS is a tattoo !!

Lol! You want me to get that tattoo? To get premium membership. Haha real funny!

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Re: Now THIS is a tattoo !!


 You could get it on your big toe...or your heels. Theres no rules that say WHERE it has to be! haha! ;)

There are plenty of others ways to get premium membership though. Just make lots of helpful posts and you'll be there before you know it!

By the way- i love that you and your cat share a name!

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Re: Now THIS is a tattoo !!

thats cool it looks like it hurt did it?

Geeky tattoo !!
ummm ok hahah:)
Re: Now THIS is a tattoo !!

 His other arm also carries a couple of discount coupons, premuim memberships and voucher codes. Jokes apart, it takes a little bit of craziness to be noticed in this world. Hats off to you Joe Tamargo

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Geek tattoo!!
That is awesome but that guy must be crazy!


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