My PC keeps turning off

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My PC keeps turning off

please, the above subject's the cause of my headache. I discovered recently that my pc that runs on windows 7 keeps on coming on and going off and its really annoying.

Sometimes when I put it on, it'll work very fine for some many hours without going off, while at some other times, when I put it on and starts working on it, it'll begin to go off and come on.
Please help because I don't know what to do to solve this problem. Thanks in anticipation



Re: My PC keeps turning off

There is no simple answer.
My first guess is that your computer could be overheating. This could be due to dust/gunk buildup on the CPU or heatsink, or because a fan is not working. You can open the computer and blow out all the dust, and see if the fans are running.

My second guess is the power supply is bad or dying. In this case, the only cure is to install a new one.

If you are not comfortable doing/checking these things, it might be time to take the computer to your local repair-place.

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