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My Space

If i HAVE AN mY sPACE ACCOUNT AND i WANT OT VIEW SOMEONE ELSES pICS, blogs, ect. when I log in will they they know that I am viewing their account?


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nope, not unless they have a profile tracker. As far as I know, theres no way to tell if anyone has a tracker or not. All I know is that you have to pay for a tracker if you do have if you think it's the type of person who'd pay for a tracker than maybe.

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I'm sorry- I have to correct so many false things with that last post... You do NOT have to pay for a tracker. Just google and I'm sure you can easily find so many free trackers...

TrackSpace, spyspace, IP trackers (Web-stat), Trackzor, yadda yadda.


And second, yes you can tell if anyone has a tracker.  You can view their source coding, if you know what to look for.  Or, try using the Myspace Mozilla plug in for FireFox (, and you can scan the profile before opening it (it'll also scan for worms/viruses).

Or use this tool, which is pretty new. I have to say is the best so far for scanning for trackers:

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 hey kris thanks for that tracker tool! it's awesome!  Laughing

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no if u look @ somebody elses profile or pics they wont know you looked @ it!!!!!!!!!!

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I want to get my space

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Go to Myspace and sign up.

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