MyBrute Skills and PET!

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MyBrute Skills and PET!

Heyy guys
i was told that if u want good skills for your brute you should pupil a brute with the skills u wanted for it

well my brute has:

Martial arts, which makes you attack 10-17 damage to your opponent.


Hammer, which by the way is my favourite, its a skill just like Rock Lee's, if anyone watches NARUTO.
your brute runs up to your enemy and grabs him, jumps and lands on top of your enemy which makes a damage of about 40-60+dmg.

both makes a good combination.

with these skills i have only lost once and im only LVL3 and only lost to a LVL16
so u be the judge of that ;]

and if u guys want pets
you guys can pupil to this guy

coz he is only lvl2 and he has a pet which increases your chance of getting a PET too, but you have more chance of getting a better pet as you lvl up higher.

thankz guys
be a pupil and ill be sure to pupil back ;]



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