Artist Page Help Please!

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Artist Page Help Please!

Hi folks. I have a mySpace ARTIST page and I am having a problem that I can come

nowhere near close to figuring out. And I have been building websites for years,

but I am actually new to all this CSS on myspace stuff...I am old school HTML...LOL

Here is what is happening. Right now, as it is, the site looks fine and I have to

leave it that way due to the nature of the page.

If you notice on the right hand side of the page I have mostly text information

decribing bands and what not. On the left hand side I have LOGOS that represent

each band invoved. Now, when I go to add in even the slightest bit more text on the

right hand side of the page, two images vanish completeley from the left hand I go check the code, and the code has been altered!!! The img tag is

missing and most of the URL addy to the image. It happenes to the SAME two images

every time...the Izzy one and the Journey one...only those two. For god's sake I

cannot figure out why. So I have to go back in, remove the extra text, fix the

image links and it will work again...but as soon as I try to add anything more text

wise to the happens again.

If one of you can help me, I will go do what I am trying so you can see for

yourself. I wonder if there is a charachter limitation on these pages??? I wouldn't

think so cause I see peoples pages that go on forever...but something is not right

and I need to add more content to my page.

Begging for help...please!!!! Like I said the page looks fine now, but as soon as I type just ONE more letter in the edit mode, the links start partially vanishing. Here is an example of an image link. Normal it would look like this but after I add any more content it turns to something like this:"> and naturally that is not goingf to do the job!!! Anybody know why????

peace out,


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