Did Blackberry application loophole get fixed?

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Re: Did Blackberry application loop get fixed?

c_suggs wrote:

This only works if you have a blackberry, right? m.myspace.com was actually good because it worked from the PC.

We are now thinking that it isn't about a blackberry or a loophole - it's about privacy settings on 2.0

Re: Did Blackberry application loop get fixed?

 It was a loophole.. It was in the application itself.. It got fixed... I read about it on another blog just yesterday. All of the 2.0 profiles that I knew that were in fact private (all settings set to private, even blackberry,phone privacy setting) were viewable through the application only. Not m.myspace.com, not myspace.com on the browser on the phone but the actual application blackberry has to download.. its completely different than anything you do in the browser and it was on all 2.0 accounts that were viewable (1.0 stayed private through it all). When u get to someone's page, like m.myspace.com, it asks you what you want to view and comments and friends don't usually show if its private and they were showing up and actually taking you to the comments and friends page.. although now when you go it only says "add to friends" and "send a message". I don't think everyone changed the privacy settings at the same time.


Re: Did Blackberry application loop get fixed?

Cool - it makes more sense now since you've explained it again. We didn't mean that everyone changed their privacy settings at the same time LOL!! - but that all 2.0 profiles expose the main page of a profile except for the modules they remove. If 2.0 profile users simply check the privacy boxes for  "friends only" but don't also remove modules in the editor - those modules are viewable on the main page of the profile.

Btw -  where is the blog you mentioned so we can read up on it? Thanks :)


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