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Myspace Email Address

I was curious, how do you find out someones email address. the one they use for myspace. is there any codes or something, because i think messaging the person on myspace has something to do with their email but you dont see their email because myspace takes care of it. so how would i get a persons email address. i bet somone on my myspace that i could find out their email address with only their myspace info to go off. I want those $100 bucks so can someone help me. I got to email them before the end of this month. thanks in advance.



Re: Myspace Email Address

This profile tracker will pull their email- if they have clicked "Remember Me" when they logged in.



Re: Myspace Email Address

thanks, but is their a way to do this for free?

Re: Myspace Email Address

I don't think so, unless you're a wiz and can set up something comparable to profiletracker. But that's still a good gamble i'd say, a possible 100 bucks for a 5 buck investment (or whatever the fee is).

Re: Myspace Email Address

yeah i guess your right. so im assuming its reliable huh.

Re: Myspace Email Address

It works, but ONLY if they click remember me on this computer at the login screen. I find most of my hits do not show an email address. Also, while Profiletracker gives the most info on it's hits, it doesn't pick up that many. Trackspace seems to pick up the most, but they are almost always unidentified. by using the two together, I can fill in some blanks on Trackspace, but not nearly all. Seems you can get a lot of info on a few hits or less info on a lot of hits. 

myspace users email

Does anyone know how to get a myspace users email address?Kiss

Re: myspace users email

I found my targets e-mail this way.

Often a myspace users name or profile name is the beginning of there e-mail address.

So go to myspace mobile, login, click "find user" and try a few different combinations of user name with different e-mail providers. If you find one that matches, the default profile photograph is displayed so you can verify that it belongs to the right person.


Good luck 

Need Help! Getting an email address by their Facebook/Myspace ID

Looks like i have an impersonator!!

Ok so i'm at my job today and bored ass hell so I decide to go on facebook and started searching people in my city region that have the same last name as me, you know trying to see if I got family there and whatnot. I scroll down and see that someone has a facebook with my photograph as the default and my name!



Here's what I know:

  • The facebook profile is set to private.
  • The person doesn't have any friends added yet so it'll be pretty gay to make a fake profile and add him/her as a friend, plus they'll probably then know that i found it.
  • He/She misspelled my name by adding just one extra letter
  • The photograph is def mine b/c I took it a couple of months ago and the same photograph is on an album on my myspace page
  • The photograph was never a default on my myspace and my page is private so the person most likely is on my myspace friend's list
  • I only have 40-45 people on my friend's list and its all people that I know personally
  • I searched to see if anyone on my gmail address book has a facebook and some of them do have one but none have the "fake" one
  • I used the code that lets you see photos on private facebook profiles and the default photograph is the only one it shows.


ok thats it. haha shit is there anything else i could do?? I'm pretty clever but I dont see any loophole that I missed where I can find out who it is without making it all obvious.

Is there a code where I can find out the email address of the account if i only have the "Friend ID #"??






Re: Need Help! Getting an email address by their Facebook/Myspac

If I have a tracker on my myspace page can I find out the email address of those who visit it??

If I can then i think i have another trick i can do.

Re: Need Help! Getting an email address by their Facebook/Myspac

If you look under the "Myspace Tracker" forum here, it discusses at length various myspace trackers and the data they provide.

I believe the only one that has ever provided email addresses on some views is profiletracker which isn't free - and from what I gather no longer has the email function available for new accounts.

edit: they don't offer to provide email addys due to their code being filtered by myspace. I don't anyone misunderstanding and assuming they just stopped offering it. Myspace trackers are quite limited in what they can provide, it's all based on what myspace is or isn't filtering.

But of course will chime in about profiletracker when she's on, I'm sure. I'm quite anti-tracker.

edit again - looks like it's been discussed earlier in this exact thread. Read below. 

kaos23 - I don't know about FaceBook but on MS it's a pretty strict violation to impersonate someone and I would assume FaceBook is the same way - considering it's a crime. I'd just report them unless you have some need to know who it is. 



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