Adblocker and Firefox

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Adblocker and Firefox

I just installed the Ad blocker and Firefox, so I am not able to be detected by other myspacers' trackers.....Problem is now, i can not view my profile when i click on view profile, also when I got to friends profiles their music doesn't play and most of the stuff on their pages is a blank square that says adblocker plus download plugin. I did click on the link and refresh the page and it did nothing. any ideas?



Re:Adblocker and Firefox

Do you see the little bit of text on the lower right of the browser window? It says Adblock? Click on it when you are on myspace and check what it is blocking you can remove some filters and see which ones are stopping you from viewing what you want

If it's showing you green

If it's showing you green puzzles pieces where your stuff should be on your page, you have to download other ad-ons from FireFox to view and hear certain kinds of things...

( that is the extent of my Computer Geek language, Thank you, and Goodnight )


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