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Has anyone ever heard of that organization?



Only Thing

I heard is that they are one of the hackers that, as they say, "rule" MySpace. I was wondering if people here know them, because this kind of website for hackers.

re: myspace crew - Myspace 'police'

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I am new at all of this stuff. I didn't mean hacking like "hacking". Anyway I know a guy from MySpace who is involved. He is an actual hacker. I was involved in one of the MySpace groups and later one it got crashed. As I found out later, the crash was made by a guy who called himself "MySpace Police". In his blog he wrote that he broke into moderator's account and shuted it down. He also wrote that he is involved with some so called "C.R.E.W." what is still a mystery for me. That's all I know.

re: Myspace police

dont worry - you werent rude, i just dont want people to think this is a 'hacking' site.. OMG, we are a site for beginners (n00bs!) if a real hacker came by he would laugh at us!

Anyway, i've never heard of this "C.R.E.W." - lets see if anyone else posts more info on them..


Here is the URL of the guy if you want to take a look at his profile: http://www.myspace.com/you_under_arrest_foo

re: Myspace police profile

looks more like a funny/joke light-hearted profile than a serious hacker's profile..

re:re: Myspace police profile

Well he is like a joke guy. But as you can see he removed friend space box and comment box.

Myspace Police

I didnt see any blog postings on this persons profile... Is this the same guys that you are talking about?


Just Curious

<a href="http://www.myspace.com/dean_harryman"><img src="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c396/Dean_Harryman/DEANOSPUMONI.gif" align="right" border="0"&


... Myspace c.r.e.w.

I've never heard of any C.R.E.W, and I doubt this is a hackers profile.

First off as thegeek said, it does look jokey and he's hidden friends and things, but he used a simple code from r4wr.com.

Another thing is that it's a personal profile, it has his friend group as his real friends, they know each other well.
Why would you mix your personal infomation with a profile that can be associated with you, when you've broke up a group of hackers.
It would be stupid and lead people straight to you, let alone negate the use of an alias.

That's what I think anyway,

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