Can I read a message and have show up as unread?

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Can I read a message and have show up as unread?

Is there a way I can read a message on my wifes page and have it show up as unread? I need to see what she is up to... something is awfully suspicious and its breaking my heart.




I really doubt that is

I really doubt that is possible... I would just read it and delete it and empty the trash if you wanted to know so bad.

I think so...

hey, i think that you can. if you delete the message after it's sent to you, then go into the trash folder and open it, you should be able to read it without it being marked "sent"...not 100 percent positive, but 90 percent. it's worth a try; however i'm not sure if you can then "undelete" it so it shows up in the inbox still as a new message. I've only done it when i don't want the person on another account to know i've read the mail so I don't have to reply. HAHAHA

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