Can't send mail? Newest MySpace WORM

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Can't send mail? Newest MySpace WORM

Okay, I found all this info in the MySpace forums (I am so not smart enought to figure this out on my own).  This was actually posted by a guy name Dave, to give him some crecit (whoever he is).  But I wante dto copy the post over into here.  Becaus emany people are asking (here and there) why they can send mail anymore.  If this has happened to you, send an email to


How is the bug spread?

The person who created the worm puts a .mov file on his page. Then everyone who views his page has the worm because as soon as you visit his profile, it goes in behind the scenes and posts itself in your edit profile section. So now your profile hosts the infected .mov file

Now your profile is infected. So people who view your profile, get the worm. Then their friends get infected and so on.

What does it do?

This is critical because people are only seeing HALF of what it actually does. The first thing it does is put an overlay so that if you click Home or Browse or Mail etc, it will take you to a false login page. Enter your password in here and they have full access to your account.

The other thing it does is post PORN from your account to random people. Which random people? Anyone with account numbers between 80 Million and 105 Million. It does this at 6 second intervals for as long as you are logged in.

This is why a lot of people are being flagged as spammers unnecessarily. Its because they are actually spamming people. they just dont realise it.

What are they emailing to these random people from my account?

Im afraid its not pretty! It goes to a site called, and annoyingly they are even tagging on a google url onto it, probably in some way to rank themselves higher on that search engine. How lame can you be huh?

It also had a pornographic picture hosted on account but this has since been removed.



Worm/myspace mozilla extension

Dave's a cool dude. Check out his myspace mozilla extension. I had it installed and it warned me right away when i opened a page that had the worm on it. It also has other functions like sorting friends by name or friend id, looking who has you in their top 8, alerts when you get messages/comments etc, inbuilt myspace forum search, warnings for some trackers, profile back up and more. And it's still fully in devellopment with more functions coming.

Yeah, at my home computer I

Yeah, at my home computer I downloaded that (I am travleing right now, for a few months...) So, I didn't rezalize all the new features. I will def have to dowload the updates when I eventually get home.


BTW, his friend ID is: 115234259 if anybody wants to check him out.

Thanks Bob!

That extension is a nifty little tool!


I had that worm also. Luckily though, I noticed it before being redirected to one of the fake logins. The half-arssed looking quicktime showed up on one of my friends pages so it was pretty easy to spot. It shows up in the movies/films area of the profile, but is indeed added to the about me section. It was kind of a PIA taking it out since I'm not very knowledgeable about all the code in there, and had a hard time figuring where the previous one ended and this one began. So once I got rid of it, I inserted a break, hopefully if I get it again it will be easier to find next time. But hopefull, thanks to Bob's little extension gem, this won't be an issue anymore. Thanks again Bob!Cool


Dave gets all the credit. I've never seen an extension that's updated with new features as often as this one. That guy works his ass off. He spotted the worm a few days ago and immediately added a function to the extension to give a warning for that worm. It won't catch all viruses though so beware.

Yes, Dave is the bomb.

Man, I can't wait to get home and download his new extensions... Friends list alphabetically? This stuff sounds cool. I am so behind the times. I do have the one that alerts you to new MySpace messages in your shortcuts. That was useful.

Just a tip...

jewels wrote:

It was kind of a PIA taking it out since I'm not very knowledgeable about all the code in there, and had a hard time figuring where the previous one ended and this one began.


Everything that I put in all the sections of my profile, I put a double space n between so I can easily tell where things are when I want to edit it. I tried to put an example on here, but when I previewed it, it was all together in one paragraph) Just put a full blank line in between each image on your profile.

Thank you ever-so much alot 4 posting dat

Thank you ever-so much alot 4 posting dat myspace mozilla extension...i downloaded it and yeah it does warn u bout virus and trackers on pplease pages. Thank you ever-so much

myspace mozilla extension

yeah, thanks for the 4-1-1 on that extension. it's alerted me to several profiles already, so that's awesome!

i tried a couple of the other options, like sorting my friends list alphabetically and checking to see who's top 8 list i'm on, etc., and those worked great as well.


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