Find Myspace Email?

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Find Myspace Email?

Im trying to add my friend on myspace but i dont know his email address is there a way to find it? and i havent talked to him in a while so yea



Re: Find Myspace Email?

It's me E"
I need to open a clients myspace account. The client went into his account and changed his email address because he made a new account with yahoo and wanted the new address to match with myspace.. Now what he did was change the email address for his log on, but forgot what it was.The email address that is, any way. Apprently he must have mis- spelled the new address he entered and now can not access the account..
With myspace you have to put in an email adress that matches a password. He has the password now how does he get the current email address to the account to log in?

Okay. I guess ya ain't heard that one B4 LOL!


Re: Find Myspace Email?

How did he get into his email to VERIFY the myspace account?

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