friends list count???

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friends list count???

why do some profiles, show for example 98 total friends but if you count there's actually less. example 95. Are these people hiding certain friends from being seen. Is that possible??? Please if anyone knows i would appeciate the info , thanks, joeyboy




No they are not hiding friends, the friends lists don't update very well after people are deleted from the list

friends not viablee/viewable anymore?

I didn't see any mention of this by anyone else...Is the code for viewing the frinds list no longer viable? Thanks!


No those codes no longer work and as soon as they stopped working it was posted

found the post

Oops, sorry foambrush, I did find it. I am new to this site and haven't quite figured out where everything is. Thanks.

not re friends but...

what ever that new post was...the one with the roman numerals/ firefox b4 i dl anything does that allow u to view private pros

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