Girlfriend's Myspace got hacked!

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Girlfriend's Myspace got hacked!

anyone know how to prevent people from hacking my myspace. someone changed my girlfriends page by removing all the pictures and relinking every link so that no matter where you click, it directs you to this:
anyone know what that is or how i can fix it..if possible?



how to stop people from

how to stop people from hacking your myspace..... make sure you have a good and PRIVATE password..... what I'd suggest, is take some random 2-6 character string and create a word for each of those words.  Prefably, something like "The Brown Cat", and not "Timber Blanket Car".  I'm not an expert.  And I didn't create a random character string "T-B-C"; just "The Brown Cat" was already in my head.  If you need to know how to create a random character string..... well, just hit the key board randomly a few times without looking...... and by hitting I mean open palmed, not with singular fingers.... and either take the first few, or if you want to be cool.... divide the number of characters present (say 20) by the number of characters you want (say 4) and take every, say 5th, character....... and you should have a really good password.  That's how you stop your myspace from getting hacked.  Though I'm sure that there are plenty of people who can do script injections to allow them to hack your account without a password.  But mostly, they do it by guessing/phishing passwords.

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Re: Girlfriend's Myspace got hacked!
Also if someone has hacked your account, you can talk to people like me to... Deal with those people. Also helps to make a 20 character passcode and save it to a thumb drive. Inside a hidden true crypt. Using an on screen keyboard or speech recognition so keyloggers can't detect it.

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