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Help with hearing music

If I go onto a myspace page on my friends computer I can see a bands songs and play and hear them no problem. If I go to that same page on my computer I can't see the listings or hear them. Even if they have the song set up to play auto. Can anyone please help me.





Are you not even seeing the little music player on myspace pages?



No...I don't even see the

No...I don't even see the player. Is there software that enables it? I don't mean like a special download, but like a windows program like direct x or somthing?

IE7 or Firefox?

Which browser are you using?

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

music player...

Abra and I ran into another user with this problem in the chatroom this evening...

I had them download the Macromedia Flashplayer, and it made it work, but it still said they needed a media plugin (why you would still need a plugin for something that's working, I don't know)...

so Abra and I suggested the Macromedia Shockwave player... they never informed us on how that went... but I guess we could assume well since they didn't come back and say that it didn't work... I don't know if either of these will solve the problem, but it's worth a try...


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