Hidden Myspace URL's

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Hidden Myspace URL's

OKay i'm so happy that we have comment codes, but now I need to know if someone has their URL hidden ( ex. http://www.myspace.com/ghettofantasy, is mine) how can I find theirs? I tried the 'view source' thing in FireFox, but that part does not show up, how can I find the NAME they signed up under, not just theFriend ID #?




No one has any ideas?

View source

in Firefox you don't use view source to see hidden sections of a profile, its view>page style> no style
that gets rid of all the css on a my space profile and if what you are looking for exists on the page you can see it

Myspace URL Clarification...maybe

there's 2 ways to view your page :

- the really long web address that has your freind ID in it
- http://www.myspace.com/??????

the ?????? is the original name that you signed up with at Myspace, you can't ever change it, when your on your home page, it's in a box right below your picture and the Helio link, it says 'tell people abot your myspace' and it has your page URL and your blog URL. Alot of people have it hidden on thier page, I'm trying to figure out how to see a hidden one.
Sorry I am, obviously, not a computer guru, probley using the wrong wording :(
Any help would really be appreciated.

Did you try right clicking

Did you try right clicking on their profile and looking at properties?

Thank You

That worked but it only gave me the Friend ID, but I tried it on my profile and it did work, so the one I was trying to see must not have picked a name yet. Thanks for the idea, it answered my question, just not the answer I was hoping for :)

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