Hiding your ip address

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Hiding your ip address

Okay is there a way to block your ip address from being picked up by a tracker ?



yes there are several

yes there are several ways.
google- surf anonymously, hide my ip or proxy and several will come up.

but if you are using a tracker yourself then this will not work since the tracker will already have your info and will display it if the person is using the same tracker service.

hidemyip.com is very good. But just make sure you are not going to use it for illegal purposes (kiddie porn or something)

Google anonymouse, people

Google anonymouse, people from that place use to visit my old site all the time, it drove me Insane.

I am a Kahdaver

how to hide your IP from a tracker

Check out this page about hiding your IP from trackers:

How to hide your IP from Myspace tracker's

tor.eff.org best option for


best option for hiding your IP and surfing habits at this time. Though this option is abit overkill for just hiding from Myspace trackers.

Re: tor.eff.org

 I have been able to get the checker to give me the green light on everything except TORDNSEL, ACtive X support, Hidden services, and Java support. These are all yellow and say unknown. I do have java unclicked in my firefox options. 

Is this still the best solution in your opinion and if so how might I fix it ?


Re: tor.eff.org

I'm not sure what checker you are speaking of. If you are using Tor and Privoxy in conjunction with one and other and you've not altered Privoxy's config files, the only possible hole I can think of is 3rd party cookies. I'm not sure if Privoxy blocks those by default, because I've always blocked them with my web browser (Opera). Though I've not used Tor much in over a year for reasons of speed and general apathy.....

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