how do i view a private profile on myspace

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how do i view a private profile on myspace

if any one knows how to view a private profile on myspace please e-mail


private profiles

if anyone knows a new code that works to view private profile comments and/or pics, please email me


Re: private profiles

the only way to preview a private page is to ask to be their friend..if they wont accept you're friend request and you really want to see their page..try making a fake account with a different picture and see if they'll accept that one..

Friend ID

How do you find out the friend ID number? Can someone please email me how to find it?


private blogs

Can someone please email me a code to view private blogs


Does any one have the

Does any one have the picture code that works i will give comments if you give me pics

need some help,

I'm new here but this seems the palce to be for the answers.

Can anyone tell me or I guess send me any codes to view private profiles on myspace. I think someone is scewing me over and I feel I'll find the answers I need on the profile page. This is really important, can anyone pleas help me? 

private profile code

i would like to know if there is a way to get a code to see comments on private profiles i want to catch my husband

Can I have the Code please if you do not mind!?

i really need the proof to catch my boyfriend.

PLEASE help :(

I would REALLY appreciate someone to email the code to me.

I'm sincerely pretty desperate... Sad

 Thank you.

myspace blocked at school

can somone help me out im really bored at school and i hate this study hall class i want to check myspace but they have it blocked so if someone has a myspace code send it to me please

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