How to view any comments made by Mypace user

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How to view any comments made by Mypace user

How can I view all the comments made by one user (not really wnat to spy into Private accounts though)



Did not recieve codes yet..

Hi there, I signed up last night but still have yet to receive the codes... send please? Thanks!

:( same old thing your used too but...

Hey geek, great website! can u send me the coding to viewing private comments? its for a g/f situation. not that you havent heard that before. Thanks for all you can do!!!

codes out yet??

are their any codes to view private profile comments??? if their is any can someone please send them to me thanks

Myspace codes: ok

Well, i havent received any code, and i look all over the forums. judging from here ,and other affiliates, they are mostly dead. am I correct ?

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