if someone could help me, i'd love them forever

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if someone could help me, i'd love them forever

Today, I spent an hour writing a two and a half page message to my girlfriend on Myspace. It said it had sent, so I thought I was good to go. It was a letter telling her how much I love her, and how much I care about her. It was the best thing I had ever written. Well, a few minutes later, I went to the sent box to look at it and read it again, but it wasn't there. All of my hard work, all of my words, all of my heart and love, was gone. Two and a half pages of the best thing I had ever written in my life.

I'm here to ask if anyone, anyone at all, knows how I can get it back somehow, if they could please tell me. I am on the verge of tears as I write this. If it is any help, I'm using firefox, the newest version. I'll try anything, even if my computer crashes. I just want it back so bad.

Thank you.


i guess nobody knows how

i guess nobody knows how :(

Re: i guess nobody knows how

Hope she did get it!

see if she got it

see if she got it anyways.
mine has done that a few times but still worked.
i also keep reading mail and the having it still say unread.


I had that happen to me before too. If she doesn't have u in her friends list try sending a friend request. If that does not go in the pending requests she has blocked you on myspace. If I remember correctly there is no way to get it back that I know of.
Hope this helps.

back your browser up

and then copy and paste your letter into a new message box.

Add friend to someone elses profile?

I want to be added as a friend.  Is there anyway I can be with out the person adding me?

LEt me know please

Loca Valdez
new Myspace codes ?

La Loca!

Have there been any new codes for viewing comments on a private profile? I haven't received any emails regarding anything new? If so can someone email!!!

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