Is Myspace email broke, or did they ban TheGeek ?!

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Is Myspace email broke, or did they ban TheGeek ?!

I've been trying to reply to a member that sent me a message in my Myspace, but everytime i reply, i get this message:

An error occurred while trying to process your request.

 Is anyone else having problems, or did Myspace BAN me?!



The Geek banned from Myspace?!: you're fine

Ive been getting those errors for a few months. Sometimes it takes me up to 10 times to send the email...I always write everything in note pad first(including bulletins and blogs)...because myspace loves to give me errors.

Myspace is just THAT bad!

Myspace is just THAT bad!


I'm sure your fine....if they banned you?...why would they let you in?


They just have issues...


myspace bleh

its send it even with the error message.. so if u send it ten times they will get it ten times... i think myspace is broken..
i like blurty... may not be as popular and
it doesnt have the myspace features but if all u want is
a journal there is a good place to have one.


Live Journal & Blurty

they get a lot less attention but my girlfriend is lying to me i just know it she has two private accounts that i have to see in livejournal and Blurty help!

Myspace mail: 2 different errors,

Theres 2 different errors, the Geek is talking about one differnt from the typical "unexpected error" this new error doesnt send the messages.

Emailing error

Well, I just tried to email someone in myspace and I got an error code:
An error occurred while trying to process your request.

Must be myspace.

So I checked my myspace inbox because of Tom's announcement and deleted all the deleted user messages that myspace had just deleted because they were spammers. Might be part of the reason for the errors.



Latest Update:
Oct 24, 12:21pm PST

sorry for the errors on the home page this morning. it was caused by the bulletin display. we've had to disable bulletins for some users while we fix the problem. i'm hoping this can all be fixed by tonight!! :-)

also, are you one of the people whose maibox count is messed up? your mail page shows something like "1 of 3" messages and you don't see messages?

it's because the user who sent you the mail has deleted their profile, or because they were a spammer that we blocked and deleted. you should now be able to delete the messages from deleted users and fix your mail counts. try it out!

Why is myspace so f**in lame?

I've been trying to send a message to someone all morning... keep getting the "error occurred" message. I check their help blog and sure enough there's a note about errors you get when you send a message. "Don't worry! it'll be up and running soon!!" Like those exclam. points are going to make me feel better. This was posted YESTERDAY!

It seems like this site is ALWAYS having some kind of lame problem. Why can't they keep things running? I remember in eBay's early days they used to ahve a lot of crashes and they seem to have fixed it. Why can't myspace??? grrr sorry about the ranting!

Re: Is Myspace email broke, or did they ban TheGeek ?!

I am unable to view my bulletins after I post them. MySpace let's me go through the steps of posting bulletins, when I go to check I have none. How do I get it to post?

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