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Multiple pages of pictures

So I have recently been seeing myspace pages with 2 pages of is this possible?
two of the peopl ei see it on happen to be friends..and they said that they havent done anything that when they were uploading it just kept letting them upload how does this work? are they just going back when they upload but everytime i do that it gives me the max 16 message.
i read something about uk accounts..but i want my same account i have now.

just seeing if anyone else has been noticing this cliche in the system maybe.



It's something that myspace

It's something that myspace is allowing, but they are releasing it little by litte, depending on your ID3.  It'll get to everyone eventually. 

MoRe PiCz On MySpAcE
Yeah, I saw that but how can

Yeah, I saw that but how can I do it with the account that i already have?


NO :*(

re: multiple pages of pics

i don't know if i saw this on here or somewhere else. but the way i do it is like this...

upload your pics to your own server space or photobucket or some other image hosting site. and then go to your "add/edit photos" page and click on "add caption" under one of your pics and type in the url to one of your pics you have hosted at photobucket or wherever and wrap it with the "img src=" tags. so it looks like this, minus the blank spaces, of course...

<img src= "http://YOUR URL GOES HERE" >

just keep in mind, it prevents you from being able to have captions on your pics. also, you're a bit limited in the number of characters you can use, so be sure to name your pics something short and sweet so you don't run out of room.

yeah. but it still doesnt

yeah. but it still doesnt allow u to have more than 1 page of pictures! the maximum is 32 pictures with your way! but anyways! thank you for your help

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