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ReignsInDarkness Ever hear of it ?

I got a odd email the other day from someone saying that my ex slaughter my name on , they gave e a password to check it out, but of course the password didnt work.  ANy one ever hear about the website.  I tried to search for profiles but of course you cant  unless your a member.  If you have any info please share?




re: MyExspace/MyExBook

I've never heard of the site.. But based on two Internet barometers, Alexa and Google's Page-Rank, nobody ever goes to the site.

The Alexa rating is over 1,300,000 (higher=not much traffic) and the Google PageRank is zero (lower = not good)..

based on those stats, I'd say they probably don't have many members..


I've heard of something similar. My ex posted some inappropriate pics of me on a site meant for bashing exes. He said the format is kind of like the "priceless" MasterCard commercials. I never knew the name of the site, so I couldn't do anything about it. It sucks.

If you find it let me know.

re: MyExspace/MyExBook

thegeek wrote:
... The Alexa rating is over 1,300,000 (higher=not much traffic) and the Google PageRank is zero (lower = not good)..

It is very wise to check such websites with internet barometers like Alexa! No doubt MyExSpace is one of those sites who try to collect and steal user info to use in their own unfair business. They kinda online thieves.

So watch your security!

Another good example of finding out info about online thief is this article:

Please do not allow such cheaters to affect your life!


RE: MyExspace

THe actual site turns to


If anyone knows how to look up stuff on it please let me know.


In my comment (below), it was that I was looking at because it re-directed.

What exactly did you want to look up?

Also; I bet that "odd email" was just spam, trying to trick you into signing up to their site!

here's 2 I know of



i haven't heard of is just a forum where women can anonomously slam men...they only recently let men post their side, but they have to put a name to their post and women dont. how fair is that...really?


All the email said basically was that the site is for relationships that gone bad and gives each side the opportunity to tell their side.  They monitor the content and that they found content that involved my screen name and wanted to norify me so that I would know what is being said and rebut if I wanted to,.

My Ex would toop to that level, so I imediatey thought he had, didn't cross my mind as a scam until the free password didn't work.


great now I have stories to read while i wait.. lol !    Money mouth

ex and slander

Yes, my husband's ex and current boyfriend chose to do the same thing but on their myspace profiles. Don't worry though it always comes around for people like that. For us? The great news is it was admissable in custody court and could really be a great way to show their vindictiveness. If you do find out where it is, retain an attorney. They have no right "freedom of speeach or not" to slander or libel you.  


Leave them wondering~


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