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go to: modmyprofile

Use this tool if you would like to track the location of the person and the exact time a mail message you sent was read. This will also record how many times that mail message was opened. Best of all this tracker is completely invisible to the eye!

im sure most of you have seen this, but if not, its awesome. It gives IP addresses too.



Re: mail tracker

Doesn't the code show up in the quoted text when someone is writing a reply to your mail?

Yeah it does

I tried it on myspace. Going to check it out with regular email and see what happens.

did it work for you on myspace?

did it work when you tried it on myspace?  it didn't work for me.  :(

Yeah it did

However it didn't send me an email. I had to use the weblink it gave me on the page. We opened it again today a few times, and it did not record the subsequent readings of the mail.

maybe the problem is...

now that i think about it, i guess it wouldn't track the myspace msg i sent if it was opened on the same computer as mine since it has the same ip address.  duh!

mail tracker

Is it tracking the mail you send someone? How exactly does it work and where do you put it?

just go to the modmyprofile

just go to the modmyprofile site to get a code for the message you are going to then alerts you when its read etc.(below) I tested an email & when i reply i do see the code at the bottom, but many, from what i see, pay no attention to it or they just dont know what it is. It doesnt stand out like "HEY I'M A TRACKER", so all in all - i personally like it=)

About this tool...
This tool will send you an email once your Mail Tracker is triggered, in the email will be specific details such as the Date & Time the message was read, the Location (with map) of the area the person lives in, the IP Address of the person, and an ongoing counter of how many times that person opened that message.

The tracker will only email you once, and only track one person! So use a different one for every mail message you wish to track. One code will not work on all!

The tracker will ignore you (as long as your IP address doesn't change) So it's safe to read your message after sending from your sent box. You will not distrub the process of tracking.

Re: just go to the modmyprofile

where on the site is it?

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