Myspace Profile Viewing Problem - Internet Explor vs Mozilla

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Myspace Profile Viewing Problem - Internet Explor vs Mozilla

Hello - I have had a recurring problem and I cannot seem to find a solution. I use Mozilla only, however, I know a lot of people do not. When I view my profile in Mozilla - everything is ok. When I view it in Internet Explorer, It is completely wrong.

Is there something I can change in the code to fix this problem? I want to make sure everyone can see my profile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



RE:Myspace Profile Viewing Problem - Internet Explor vs Mozilla

Are you useing a "DIV OVERLAY" or a regular layout?
yes mostly every one does use IE however Mozila/Firefox will never show Special Text Affects and the Size of the profile may very and could be a problem as well now yes their is some tweeking involved for both browsers to be able to see mostly the same thing but like I said if your useing a "DIV OVERLAY" some special text affects or no text at all may not even show up on Mozzila now you can edit that for a white plain text to show up on Mozilla and the special effects to show up on IE. Before that I need to no are you useing a div overlay or a regular layout?

And what is exactly the problem?

Thanks for your quick

Thanks for your quick response. Acutally, the problem exists in IE, not Mozilla. It looks fine in Mozilla. Most of the graphics go away in IE and things get rearranged etc. I have a regular profile that I got off of Skem9. My myspace link is in case you want to take a look.

I thought maybe it was the specific layout - so I tried another and the same thing happens. Everything just gets jumbled up on IE. It is so frustrating.

Re #2 Myspace Profile Viewing Problem - Internet Explor vs Mozil

I did go and look at your profile with IE and Mozilla/Firefox And you just have a regular layout now the main problem is, is that you designed your layout with Mozilla/Firefox so the size is different. Now if you went back and fixed it all to work for IE then It will automatically work for Mozilla/Firefox, I mean you might have to make 1 or 2 little tweaks but nothing major also when you look at it in IE your HTML comments are huge so it expands your profile.

Well if this did not help you just leave more Questions and someone will help you and get it fixed I'm IM THE hopeing


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