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Re: Myspace Salute?
i forget my email and password and i dont know what do and because of myspace my picture is up on google. Please help me! I want to deactivate it.
Re: Myspace Salute?

Quero cancelar urgente meu perfil no myspace, nao tenho login nem senha, detalhadamente quais os passos?

I want to cancel my profile on myspace urgent, I have no login or password, detail what steps?

myspace salute

A myspace salute is a picture of you holding a clear sign (piece of paper or whatever) with the words "MYSPACE.COM" and your friend ID number... the sign should look something like




With the friend ID x's being filled in with your ID number...



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ok so I make this sign and post it where? they said it shouldnt be in a public place but they want the web page of where its posted??


You'll then have to upload the picture to the web... in a non public place... you can register a free account in at a number of places and upload there... Not sure, maybe photobucket or geocities?

Then send the URL to myspace via the myspace contact form. Include any other information they requested here as well.

Hmm... That should work...


Blonde is a state of mind... or lack thereof...

Myspace Salute...

I sent a Myspace salute about 3 to 4 days ago and I was wondering when they are going to respond to it and give me my password .. Has anyone had to do this?? if so can you give me a time line as to about how long....geez I been out of my account for over a week now..

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Re: Myspace Salute...

YEAH SAME HERE ! I sent a saulte four days ago and still no response. Did you ever get your passwsord back from them?

Re: Myspace Salute...

well if you think bot it....100's of people send theses salutes to myspace per day!!! they dont have time to get bak to every individual one...thye end up throwing themajoriy bulk of emails away.

either be patient and keep resending...or make new profile.

Re: Myspace Salute?

What is happening to myspace that you feel it necessary to demand I send you a picture of myself holding information that assures you it's me in order to get a new password? It's the most ridiculous action I have ever been asked to follow. I do not own a digital camera and my webcam isn't working at the moment, but there is no way I am sending you my picture by snail mail. This makes no sense whatsoever. Either this is some ill-conceived prank by someone not even affiliated with Myspace, or some Myspace employees are screwint with us. If that is the case, then you really need to check this out. I am sending you the email I received this morning:

Thanks for contacting MySpace.

We are very sorry and apologize for the inconvenience but in order to assist you further, we will need a salute from you. We only ask for a salute when it involves an important matter of privacy and security.

To make a salute, here's what you do:

1. Write MySpace and your MySpace friend ID or your MySpace vanity profile ID, for example or on a piece of paper

2. Take a photo holding the paper in front of you (right side up, please). Make sure there's a clear view of your lovely face.

3. On the MySpace Help page ( click Contact MySpace, choose Log in as the Category and Here is my Salute as the sub-topic. Be sure to attach your salute and make sure the image file is under 4MB.

4. Tell us why you're sending a salute in the Question box and you're done!

Important stuff to know:

- if you don't have a camera, consider using a cell phone camera, or using your own or a friend's Web cam to take a photo

- you must be able to see you holding the salute in the photo you submit (in other words, we want to see your hands holding the Salute with a clear view of your face; no Photoshop)

- you MUST have a photo in your MySpace profile that clearly shows your face

- the salute must be hand-written (we cannot accept typed salutes)

- salutes cannot be submitted by posting them to your MySpace profile and sending us a link

- MySpace will never ask you to submit a video or webcam salute, so if you get an email message or MySpace message asking you to do so, please let us know at once!

The MySpace Support team

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but this bizarre email from you contradicts itself. First, I am told to do the salute bit, then at the bottom, you say that you wouldn't actually ask for a salute and to disregard the request.

The worst part about all this is that when I sent you an email about this, I got this SAME MESSAGE again.

Either pick one or the other. Your credibility at this point has taken a nosedive.

Please DO NOT respond to this with yet another request for a salute. Your behaviour is suspect at this point. I am not an idiot.

Please respond with a REAL answer this time. My patience is wearing thin with these unprofessional antics.

Re: Myspace Salute?

Well I made a salute back in Nov. of 06.. and never got my password.. so if you still locked out better get going on making a whole new profile.Sorry.


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