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Re: Myspace Salute?

cutelatinfemm wrote:
Well I made a salute back in Nov. of 06.. and never got my password.. so if you still locked out better get going on making a whole new profile.Sorry.

Myspace does not have a really good track record of getting back to people. Out of three sepreate times I did have to contact them, they only responed to one of my complaints/problems.

Re: Myspace Salute?

that's probably why they're hiring cs reps...i wonder what type of perks you get =)

anyone know anyone who works for myspace?

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Myspace Salute?

Anonymous Visitor wrote:
Try having your password sent to your email. They changed mine to something ridiculous.

I e-mailed myspace about not being able to log in. They sent me the link to the "top 10 reasons you can't log in" and i responded saying "I already read this on your site." They they replied by asking me to send them a salute. This ^^^ worked. Somehow, my password was wrong. I just logged in!
P.S. I copied and pasted the password. I do not know if that makes a difference.

Almost Evil
Re: Myspace Salute?

FWIW: Asking you to send in a photo salute IS different than asking for a video or webcam salute. Those two are live things, not a simple photo. Its not a contradiction in their email; they're different things.

But hey its a free website. Ya get what ya pay for, and that includes customer service.


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