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myspace tracker

whats the best myspace tracker?



re: best myspace tracker ?

mine :P

Good myspace tracker

Ok Terikan.. I went and got your tracker (no, it's not free people) from your website, and it DOES work - i'm actually kinda impressed!

I'll post updates over the next few days to let members know if it keeps working as advertised..

dude how do you get it?!?


how to get the tracker

Go to and signup.. it's $5

If you get it, make sure you come back to this thread and post if you like it or not.

ditto! how to get the tracker

I had linked into awebsite that had an awsome tracking code i thought i had booked marked it but didnt, ...and my computer totaly shut down after i downloaded a song from another site (virus)  anyway to make it short

All I can remeber is that it starts with Joy or Joyce.  Any know who what website I 'm talking about? please help. Thank you ever-so much


type view private and it gives you endless sites. i tried retracking but i couldnt pc formatted.

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