Myspace will be blocking music uploads

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Myspace will be blocking music uploads

Based on a news story by Reuters on October 31, 2006 Myspace has licensed new technology from Gracenote Inc. that will allow them to more easily stop members from posting copyrighted music. It works by comparing music uploaded on Myspace to Gracenote's database of copyrighted music. The plan would be to block the uploads and/or delete Myspace accounts that frequently break the Terms Of Service by uploading copyrighted material.

Quoted from the story:
..The move comes amid pressure from major studios and record labels against popular online sites such as Myspace and YouTube, which they accuse of infringing the copyrights of their artists' music and videos...
...Once Emeryville, Calif.based Gracenote's technology is integrated into its service, users who repeatedly try to upload unauthorized music will have their accounts deleted, MySpace said...



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