Myspacers who block you

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Myspacers who block you

Can anyone tell me how I can find out who has blocked me on Myspace? I know how to check who I'VE blocked, but wanted to see who has blocked me?? Anyone? Any ideas? When I look under who I have blocked, there is only one person... yet it says 1 out of 3 listings. I don't know what that means either. So feel free to let me know if you have any ideas!! Thanks.... oh and by the way, I love this site =)



Yeah, my blocked peoples

Yeah, my blocked peoples numbers are off as well. Basically, because I blocked alot of those random spammers.. And when their accounts were deleted, the number stayed there.

My guess to find if you are blocked is to send the person a message. If it doesn't show up in your sent items, then you are blocked. But if it does... Well, then you just sent them a message and that may suck.

Or you could send a friend request, because that you can take back. The only thing about that is if they have email indications turned on. Then they will see it in their email. They will also have that red notification of a New Friend Request, however, nothing will be there when they click (that is, if you weren't blocked and canceled the request).

Blocked profiles~has someone blocked you...

if you try to send them a friends request, and it doesn't show up in your 'pending friends request's'...YOU HAVE BEEN BLOCKED.

If you send them an email and it DOESN'T show up in your 'sent' box...YOU HAVE BEEN BLOCKED

Hope that helps...

I kinda figured

Yea I kinda figured that. I tried the friends request thing, I prefer that one more because I can erase it right after. But dang, I really wanted to find a way. I have only ever had a total of 2 people blocked, and it says 1 out of 3 right now. I never blocked spammers or anything. I think it mean I have 1 person blocked and 2 have me blocked. I only know of one person..... trying to figure who is the other one. Well thanks for trying =)

Blocked profiles

How can you know if someone has blocked you...
or rather how many people have blocked you...
I haven't found anything showing me how many peope have blocked me...
But I can see who I have blocked.

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