new code question?!

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new code question?!

umm when u put in the new code and the persons ID the page comes up blank right.also when u look at their myspace they have no online icon too!

butt do they get kicked off and stay kicked off? until tom fixes it? and can it work if they hide their online icon?

sorry if i sound like a totally idiot



Just clearing up.

The code does lead to a blank page because it's always called to remotley and is not responsible for showing the online now thingy, just changes to the database I guess.

Once you are on the page it's done, just go back to the profile you changed.
If you are using a browser which caches (Stores pages in memory so it does not have to redownload them), you may have to refresh if you went back to the profile through the back button.

They don't get kicked off, they can still use myspace is just appears as they're offline through the online now picture. I've never bothered to go into detail about testing, but I believe the "visible=1" bit is is they are hiding the icon or not.

You seem to be doing it right from what I gather.
Yours faithfully,

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