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Hey! I recently just joined this forum, lovely place here.

Okay, there's something that's been bugging me for a while, I was viewing friend #1's profile, and friend #2 left him a comment, which didn't have friend #2's details next to the comment, but friend #1's details and photo. Did #2 overwrite his name or something? I'm really confused and wondering how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

P.S; Everything I wrote above seemed completely stupid and confusing, but there's no other way I could really explain it.



overwriting comments

Huh? whaa?

Does friend #1 have a public profile? can you post the URL to his/her profile so we can look at it?.

re: overwriting comments

Okay, I'll see if I can explain it more clearly.

#2 Posted a comment which appeared on #1's profile, to make it look like #1 had posted a comment on his own MySpace (which is not possible, is it?).

Also, both of their MySpaces are private now, so there's no use posting URLs; sorry :(

it was an error

A few weeks back myspace had an error where people who had their comments set on approve were seing their info and photograph on all comments they approved. END OF STORY.

Okay thanks. But, is there

Okay thanks. But, is there anyway to overwrite names so people see someone elses name or something?

I doubt it. I hardly see the

I doubt it. I hardly see the point. Go to a hacking page and talk with Joe programmer, since what you want to do is a hack and not something our small brains will have an answer to...but I seriously doubt there is any way.

Noo, not hack anyone lol

Noo, not hack anyone lol gosh no!
Thanks for all your help though, it was just something that was on my mind and I couldn't rest easy without knowing! :)

I too have seen this

I don't have an answer for you but I have seen this and have wondered about it. It's wierd! My "friend" Ricky had a comment posted on his my space that looked like it was from himself, but it wasn't...our other friend Bobby wrote the comment. I thought possibly Bobby wrote the comment but was accidentily signed on to Ricky's name??? I have tried to leave myself comments to test this theory and it won't work so it also has bugged me. Certainly haven't lost any sleep over it tho. I don't need an answer just thought I'd add my .02 as I also have noticed.

Millions of people

Millions of people experienced this. Although you dont need an answer, I already gave it: It was an error.
Someone close this thread my feelings are getting hurt.

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