password for chatroom

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password for chatroom

whats the password for the chatroom?



chatroom password

i'm a registered user and need password for chatroom.

re: password for Geek's chatroom

The chatroom login thing can be a bit confusing:

The login names and passwords for and the chatroom are not the same - and you do not need to be a member to enter the chatroom.

You can log-into the chat area with ANY username or nickname that you make up as long as someone else is not already using that nickname. If you try to use a name that is already in use or been 'registered', it will ask you for a password (so then you'll have to pick a different name)..

so, if you try to log in with your name, and it asks for a password, dream up another nickname for chatting until you find one that does not ask for a password.. AFTER you get in, you can double-click yourself in the chat-user list and register that name and assign a password (so nobody else can use it) if you want, but it is not necessary.

For those of you saying "Huh? what chatroom?" - the chatroom link is in the far, upper-right corner of the website - in the blue area, right above where it says "hi 5 help".. on some pages it is also listed in the grey area on the left, in the "Computers and Internet" section.

i hope this clears things up. if anyone is still having trouble getting into the chatroom, please post a message here..

Chat room

I use to be able to use the chat room but now after putting in my user name and password, it is now telling me i have to enter another password to get into the room. Help i cannot use it

Same here. The way I am

Same here. The way I am intepreting it is the geek chat room has a password just to view it, nothing to do with my username or password. Hope that made sense!

chatroom is busted

ok, you guys were right - it's asking for a password where it shouldn't be asking..
it's down right now while hubby looks at it..

i swear we might just dump the chatroom.. it's been nothing but trouble since day-1 ..

NEW chatroom now online

Ok.. this is chatroom-try number FOUR.. we dumped the last chatroom system, and we're tryting yet another one..
The new chatroom is H E R E .

Give it a try! only verifed members (the same members that can post comments) can access this new chat area..

post any problems in the OPEN FORUM area.

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