Pinpoint someones last login time

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Pinpoint someones last login time

I just thought of this way to determine someones last login time within a margin of one hour. It's extremely simple. You just keep changing your time zone in account settings and refreshing someones page until the date changes. Then you take the two time zones next to each other that gave a different date. You calculate for both of them which hour in your own timezone corresponds to midnight in theirs. There you have the margin from whole hour to whole hour in your own timezone when someone last logged in.
This was pretty confusing to me at first so let me know if you need any examples.




It confused the hell out of me first but now it's pretty clear.
Suppose you live in eastern standard time (EST). that's GMT - 5 hours in the myspace time settings. You find that the last login date on someones profile changes between the time zones GMT + 8 hours and GMT + 9 hours. Then you calculate what time in EST corresponds with midnight in respectively GMT+8 and GMT+9. For GMT+8 there's a difference of 13 hours with EST (8+5), so 24:00 in that zone means 11:00 in EST. GMT+9 has a 14 hour difference with EST, so 24:00 there is 10:00 in EST.
That means that the last login of the person you're looking at was somewhere between 10:00 and 11:00 EST.

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Re: Pinpoint someones last login time

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